Tuesday, 2 September 2008

RYN - Astral Death: carried on the winds of the void

When and why did sound assume the forms, laws and narratives that transformed it into music? Did people use their voices to imitate the sounds they heard, to tell stories and pass on information? Did they build instruments to better mimic the song of birds or the rush of water or wind? And what now when people turn away from the forms and laws that dictate what is music and try to make sound that does not conform and refuses to carry a narrative? What happens when sound tries to express nothing but its own being?
RYN are the bleakest and most cold of ambient projects. The pieces contained on Astral Death are more akin to the voids that have been caused by the absence of sound than it’s positive presence. Soft crackling grey spaces rotate, divide and multiply revealing concentric storms of slow falling snow falling feedback and static. Twice projected into the ancient past and the ancient future the listener is lost, abandoned in a neither/neither world with no signs to guide the way, no stars to navigate the ship. Stripped of bearing until meaning has no meaning and disorientated until there is only the pulse of shimmering samsaric spirals of non-being/being the listener must submit to be lead through these places by the psychopomp of astral death.
As the reed pipe mimicked the wind so the instruments of RYN mimic the wind that blows down on us from the ancient deeps. Sometimes the wind blows soft and we know it only by the coldness it carries within its wings but oft times it raises to a mighty tempest and rolls and thunders around the towers of the great and the hearts of the humble, whispering of the things that are not and the places that will never be.
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