Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

The first really warm day of the year and a day full of the cracking and squabbling of nesting rooks and the flight of new risen butterflies. Today we visited Barnard Castle and walked along the banks of Condatis’ Tees with its brown peaty waters and the swollen buds just peeping out at the end of Ash twigs. Quite a contrast to last weekend when a trip to High Force and Cauldron Snout was aborted in a blizzard just past Middle-In-Teesdale. Heaven Harvest have been pleased to published a lengthy interview, in which you can read of my admiration for Y&T, what I really think of Black Metal and why you should learn to knap your own flint. This weekend has also seen the completion of two exclusive THB tracks for exciting compilation projects. “Judah Is A Lions Whelp” has been recorded for a 4-way split on Glasgow’s At War With False Noise, the other bands being Skullflower, Harm and Fordell Research Unit. Also “Secret Overlord” is now complete and will shortly be submitted to a multi-artist project curated by the Texas band Pyramids. It was quite a challenge working with the 4 samples provided by the band but in the end something good was achieved. Both releases are set to be on cassette. More details as and when they are received.

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