Monday, 3 May 2010

Snow Tracking: Brown Hare

Tracking in the snow covered winter woods of December and January revealed just how much brown hare activity there is in my local woods. I have flushed the occasional animal from deep cover along field margins, especially from large mature blackthorn thickets, and I once had a close encounter as one of the critters walked casually across the path in front of me with it's long, gangly spider-like legs but with the snowy substrate showing up the tracks and the musket-ball like single pellets clearly I discovered how busy the place is for hares.
Another interesting find was a common latrine site used by both roe deer and brown hare. Different species will use the same game trails through the woods but this is the first time I have found different species depositing scat in a common site. The site was approximately 10 metres inside the wood from a stretch of open farmland where I have often seen roe.

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