Wednesday, 25 August 2010


An ash pole I raised nine foot long
And on it cut geases ten
Yan for the Black Lad who calls from the woods
Teyan from below the brawns haunted path
Tethera are the becks that feed the flood
Methera is fower footed goat jumpers blood
Tic for the spennies where King Boucca did run
Yan a tic’s a stang I ride to the sun
Teyan a tic trips in the Nicky-Nack race
Tethera tic’s frightened to show us his face
Methera tic the Nidstang a beacon of Hel
Bub for a Hornstang the beast and the spell
I send out Geri and Freki his kin
I set Black Finn on his Throne agin
To hunt the ghost-road by the gallows tree
Beware the woods for now they know thee

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