Monday, 6 September 2010


Although life is an affair of light and shadows, we never accept it as such. We are always reaching towards the light and the high peaks. From childhood, through early religious and academic training, we are given values which correspond only to an ideal world. The shadowy side of real life is ignored, and Western Christianity provides us with nothing which can be used to interpret it. Thus the young men of the west are unable to deal with the mixture of light and shadow of which life really consists; they have no way of linking the facts of existence to their preconceived notions of absolutes. The links connecting life with universal symbols are therefore broken, and disintergration sets in.
Miguel Serrano, 1966


Anonymous said...

Gee, I've just googled this guy. Considering that he liked Jung and Hesse (just like me), but after seeing all those swastikas on his photos, I just don't know.

TenHornedBeast said...

That's right - you just do not know.