Sunday, 12 April 2009

Black Steel Chain

I’ve used a chain wallet since 1993 and had various chains from a chrome-plated dog-lead type chain to a black anodised aluminium chain but they’ve all had their limitations – too bright and flashy or too weak and prone to snapping and there seems to be little point in keeping your valuables chained to your arse if the chain snaps at the first tug. Earlier this year I started to browse the web in search of a nice strong chain. I wanted something that was strong yet decorative, well crafted and specific to my needs but not so expensive that I’d need to pawn a kidney. I also wanted it to come from the UK – I’m not a flag-waving British-Is-Best type but I’ve been stung by customs several times in the last 12 months and I’m getting sick of paying their fees. My search lead me to Pictish Badger Design – purveyors of high class chain mail artefacts and jewellery. I opted for a Byzantine weave chain in black steel. I discussed my requirements with Craig, the artisan behind Pictish Badger Design, and a few weeks later my chain was delivered. None more metal. None more black.


DK Leather said...

Having commissioned three pieces from Craig before I can wholeheartedly and with pleasure, concur.
~doffs cap~

mikeofdoom said...

Never thought I'd say this of a wallet chain, but that's beautiful. True black metal.