Saturday, 18 April 2009

Unearthly Trance + Ramesses + SkinnyCock: Trillians, Newcastle 16th April 2009

It’s rare for me that I stay with a band from demo to big label and my interest in Unearthly Trance is one of the few exceptions to the whine about the old stuff being better. I traded a copy of the Hadit demo from the band around 2001 and the monstrous crust of Winter/Celtic Frost riffs mixed with barked blackened vokills of the highest order had me gagging at the mouth. Since then the band have found a label on US indie-metal giant Relapse and if the sound has become more polished and accessible it has also continued to display the same fierce intent and ugly ecstasy that gripped me in ’01. Displaying a fine work ethic of getting on stage with minimal fuss and fan-fair Unearthly Trance commenced to knocked the shit out of their tracks, creeping doomed riffs rubbing shoulders with vicious blasts of HC nihilism. Watching bands like Unearthly Trance play songs like Penta[grams], Firebrand and God Is A Beast in a small club is what keeps me interested in going to gigs. This is where the real heavy music is in 2009. Ramesses, possessors of the largest cymbal known to man, are doomed to be the eternal nearly-men of the UK doom scene. The third time I’ve seen them and the third time their set has been ruined by poor sound, it’s only when the band stop midway through and ask that the guitars are turned up that the sound rises from the mire and with more bite and edge the riffs can finally be heard. Everybody’s got a noise project these days but not everyone’s got a SkinnyCock. If the set had gone on much longer I’d have started dancing!

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