Saturday, 4 July 2009


I never read Terrorizer these days, except when I get a mention of course. Many thanks to Avi Pitchon for this review from #185, July 2009.
TENHORNEDBEAST "My Horns Are A Flame To Draw Down The Truth". Cold Spring
Less a straight forward remix of 2007's "The Sacred Truth", this "companion" is suspended between re-working and re-recording existing tracks, plus a re-visiting and elaboration on sounds recorded for "The Sacred Truth" but not used. "Fenris-Wolf" reworks 2007's "In The Teeth Of The Wolf". The droning gongs of opener "Ruins Son" are a motif derived from "Christus Nox" that closed "The Sacred Truth". Nevertheless, a novice to TenHornedBeast's work is welcome to delve into this epos of ritual dark ambient as a release in its own right. Its barren minimalism is misleading, as further listens unravel extra layers of ominous, paralysing, pulsating spectral sounds that can be likened to a pitch black, empty, uncharted, enormous cavern whispering the hollow, sinister echoes of long forgotten gatherings of an uncanny occult nature. The space seems uninhabited, yet an abstract presence gradually increases to finally manifest in a deathly, rhythmic, rumbling procession. [8.5]

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