Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Christopher Walton entered into history as member of the dark ritual Endvra project. Right after the new millennium he started his very own project, which got some recognition in the darkest corners of the underground music. "Hunts & Wars" is the 3rd full length of TenHornedBeast released by Cold Spring. Walton invites us to join the gates of hell. "Reaching For The Stars We Blind The Sky" seems like the point where these gates get open leading us through dark corridors of obscure ambient music. The sonic manipulations are moving crescendo while some kind of martial percussion join in to create a ritual effect. "Hilnaric" is the next track from this mysterious voyage where you get the feeling to be surrounded by birds living in a haunted forest. It's a short, but anguishing track. The icy ambient "Father Of The Frosts" is an appropriated title for its atmosphere. This is another track appealing for some visual strength. Some cymbals are accentuating this evil vision. A few more short duration cuts like "Ironborn" and "Cimmeria" follow. "Ironborn" is an excellent piece of dark ambient with some repetitive drones. It all sounds a bit like a prelude for the absolute masterpiece coming at the very end entitled "Hunts & Wars". The title track sounds like the darkest and most horrified part from the trip. I especially like the kind of guitar effect (if it's a guitar) on this cut. It all ends in a real dark apotheosis, bringing this album to a good end. "Hunts & Wars" is a quite diversified recording moving on the edge of dark ambient, ritual and martial music. Christopher Walton is an experienced artist in the genre, which here again illustrates his genius to compose a remarkable album in the genre.

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