Sunday, 28 November 2010

Winter Woods: Towards Home

It is cold and getting colder. My decision to dress for mobility rather than warmth is starting take its toll and I begin to think about the comforts of home. The lane leads through hedges of dog rose and sloe, both berries now blackened by the frost. A fat thrush sits sullenly in the hedge, refusing to move as I trudge by. I am too cold to take his photo, it will only frighten him off and we are both trying to keep as warm as possible. The winter woods are left behind as I cross the last fields up the hill to home, the sun shining pale and white through the afternoon sky.

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Arguss said...

I, too, have been walking through the local forests and fields while I'm in the countryside (another country, though). The first days of the winter have always been... special.

And it was wonderful following this documented journey, thank you.