Monday, 20 December 2010


The primeval drone of TenHornedBeast is designed to stir emotion, to seep into pores and take over the mind and transport it to a distant realm away from human contact, to be in a place before cities, consumerism, organised religion, governmental control and 9-5 drudgery, a place where nature's dark chaos lurks, where the wild is unpredictable and the beast in man is free to run and hunt. The dark ambient contained within "Hunts & Wars" conjure images of untouched forests in early spring, nocturnal hunting sessions, sombre reflections, the demise of of the beast and the aftermath of battle (whether it be internal or external). "Hunts & Wars" reconnects the listener to the part of mankind that has been forgotten, the part that is free from the daily grind, but is still governed by instinct and superstition. A spellbinding release. [8].

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