Monday, 20 December 2010

Zero Tolerance

Mysterious and sinister, slowly rising and droning, ominous waves of distortion, TenHornedBeast spread a cerecloth of hypnotic torpor across the consciousness with grim determination. A calmly sinister shroud of soothing lunar terror with a refreshingly organic approach to ambient noise, this is just structured enough to attain a considerable strength of personality whilst remaining serpentine and duplicitous in a manner that demands attention. The title is particularly fitting, a primordial sense of predatory strife invested in the martial rhythms which frequently surface amidst the chaos:skin-crawling forest-clad ambiance skitters through the undergrowth whilst something wet and scaly shifts deep below the surface, an almost percussive bass moving in strange shapes atop the pervasive horror beneath. With a length of over 60 minutes, there's a point at which concerted attention becomes something of an effort; I would hope for a more concerted sense of release towards the end of such a journey, yet the obscure atmosphere remains constant right to the finish, leaving the listener lost and miserable. Not essentially a problem but some closure would have been welcome.

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